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General Requirements

Active members shall be chosen on the basis of their scholastic accomplishments, leadership, and sociability, and shall be selected from the undergraduate and graduate classes, as defined by the administration of the College of Engineering and the appropriate department.

To be considered in an election, the undergraduate candidate must have completed at least one semester or quarter of resident work at the school and have shown outstanding proficiency and commitment in petroleum engineering coursework.

Undergraduate Requirements

Eligible undergraduate candidates for membership in Pi Epsilon Tau must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 (based on a 4.0 system), a simple majority vote, or must have the favorable recommendation of the Chapter Advisor and 100% approval of the membership of the Chapter.

Graduate Student Requirements

Eligible graduate student candidates for membership in Pi Epsilon Tau must have completed at least nine credit hours toward a degree in a program approved under Article III, Section I, and have a grade point average on is graduate work of 3.25 (based on a 4.0 system). Graduate students shall be eligible to hold a Chapter office and shall have voting privileges, provided they are not a member of the full-time school faculty.

Honorary Member Requirements

Honorary members shall be chosen by each Chapter as those who have proved themselves to be worthy of membership in Pi Epsilon Tau by their technical accomplishments in the field of petroleum engineering. A chapter may not initiate more than four honorary members per year, except that all of the eligible faculty members of a school may be initiated. Each candidate must be approved by the National Executive Director and the wording of the honorary certificate may be modified to reflect on the recipient’s achievements.

Alumnus Member Requirements

Alumnus members shall be those active members who are no longer taking work at the school.

Faculty Advisor Requirements

Faculty Advisors shall be required to be members or honorary members of Pi Epsilon Tau and meet the approval of the local chapter.

Associated Fees

There is a one-time initiation and membership fee of $50, which includes tassels and cords at graduation. This cost may be modified during the Fall, 2018 semester after review of the costs associated.

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