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Drillbotics® is an international competition for universities to design and build a small drilling rig that uses sensors and control algorithms to autonomously drill a rock sample provided by SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS).

This year marks the fourth competition for the title of Drillbotics™ champion and a chance for sponsored travel to present a paper at the next SPE/IADC Drilling Conference. The past three years involved undergraduates, masters and doctoral students from a variety of disciplines who built innovative drilling machines and downhole tools while developing a deeper understanding of automating the drilling process. 

Our Story

UL Lafayette first participated in the Drillbotics competition in 2017. They reached ______________ in the world. Looking forward, they hope to ____________. Team captain, Jared Savoy, says, "_______________________," in regard to their accomplishments. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Meet the Captain

Jared Savoy is 

2017-2018 Team

Alex Reed

Allison Morency

Carlos Toca

Chris Bellard

Dallas Mitchell

Ethan Ritchey

Garrett Cothern

Isaac Aduhene

John Waterman

Jonathan Guidry

Savannah Neill

Treville Leboeuf

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